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Youtube Tips!

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by Derpy_Demon, Feb 6, 2017.


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  1. Basically, getting subscribers is very hard, but getting 100 is very hard to get, so if you're reading this, congrats on reaching more then 100 subscribers or more. I feel like giving people some tips to gaining a little bit more views or subscribers. So, here's the tips;
    1) Inside the Tags section, add something like "fsadjsalsdja" or anything that probably has not been used before inside the tag section and put that exact same tag inside every single video you make. You can also do more random letters in the tag section so that it will make it more likely to pop up more inside the viewer's watch next list on the right.
    2) Try making a video that will make everyone want to watch like those glitches on games, or some epic fails, maybe even a reaction video. People have their preferences and they want to watch what they like, so basically, post videos on random subjects instead of one. Once your channel has reached the point to where they want demands on one or two subject, announce a video using the amount of how much people wanted the subject (gaming, vlogger, tutorial, top 10's, etc). The 3 or less amount of subjects your viewers want are what your channel will be focused on from then on. Make an extra channel for the other subjects and announce it on your channel so if they wanted it, they can always check the other channel out.
    3) Naming, the hardest part after making your video, the name is what people will look at and everyone would normally judges a book by it's cover. What I mean by that is, if the naming is interesting, they will most likely click on it, if not, they will skip it and watch some other video.
    4) Video quality, this part is the most hardest, it requires a hell lot of editing and hard work into it. Not everyone can do it, so hire your own editor (normally would be a friend). Even if they aren't a professional, just look for someone that knows the basic of editing and has time on their hand. You can edit the video yourself but you also need to make some other videos to publish.
    5) Youtube participation, this basically means that you need to post more videos now since you are on a Youtube Network. Posting more videos will make you more active and that also makes your earnings go up.
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  2. and i coulden't have
    said it better like you did ;-)
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  4. nice tips, thank you
  5. Nice tips. Thank you.
  6. Helpful Tips. Thank you so much dear

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