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Why Do People Hate ScaleLab?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheEchoGamingTv, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. Hey Guys Im name is Echo but call me Jayden.
    So Lately people have been hating on ScaleLabGaming for "scamming" them and what not and to me i find this stupied.
    ScaleLab is the best Mcn I have used and I want to know what you guys think on this topic.
  2. Outside of them being a little slower in response than I like, they provide exactly what they promise. Often times a little more.
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  3. My best guess is that alot of people never read exactly what their contract says and therefore op into something they haven't done their research

    Personally I've had no problems while being with scalelab and although I can't comment too much as I am relatively new, I am currently enjoying my time with the mcn
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  4. Many creators seem to have different opinions on what a MCN "has to offer". Most likely they don't read the websites correctly and think by joining an MCN they'll get an instant subscriber and view boost by doing nothing.
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  5. i personally adore this network , they provide payments methods for everyone,they have high cpm (not this month because it suks for everyone) and many others good services,except their support ,it's very bads,slow many times they ignore you and they don't care about small channels
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  6. I am personally partnered to the Scalelab Benelux department. It is a rather new and small department, but they answer incredibly fast, answer pretty much any question, are open to new idea's to improve the network etc. But most important to me; they offer very personal and detailed help. To me, besides all the features that Scalelab offers which most other networks (like Freedom) do not offer, the quick and personal contact with the network really makes it stand out above others.

    So I am very satisfied. I do know of a few people tho that called Scalelab (MCS's in general, in most cases) a scam, but this was usually because the apps they offer are free without partnering Scalelab as well. They tend to only see the money that Scalelab takes from them, but do not see what is offered them in return.
  7. Thats great to hear!

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    Yes very good a partner. Please! Can you subscribe to Youtube channel?

  9. Thank you so much
  10. I've worked with ScaleLab in the past, as I used to run a rather successful subnetwork under them, prior to YouTube's crackdown on subnetworks, and their staff were always very supportive of us on a business level, and quite willing to offer us whatever help we needed in order to better reach our max potential.

    I'm happy to resume working with them now, in the capacity of a partner.

    Is ScaleLab perfect? No. I think currently they don't do a good enough job of offering tools to help partners connect and grow, such as a collaboration matchmaker, or a support ticketing system. But no MCN's perfect, or can be expected to be.

    All I can expect and hope for is that ScaleLab continues to take community feedback, and improve the partnership experience by adding new tools, like those I mentioned, that can better help partners connect to each other, and grow their fanbases authentically, instead of feeling forced into asking for sub-4-subs.
  11. I've been a ScaleLab partner and partner manager for almost a year and I really love how dedicated the people who work at ScaleLab are. They want nothing more than to help your channel succeed and to take it to the next level, no matter where you're at now.

    However, ScaleLab manages over 100,000 channels. Of course there are going to be instances where people are unhappy. And that's how you get angry videos, tweets etc. Also, there's the fact that ScaleLab used to operate with lots of subnetworks that pretty much could decide for themselves how they would operate. It's very hard to maintain a consistent level of quality in that scenario, so I'm actually glad that the rules got a lot stricter last year.

    But overall, I'm very happy to be partnered with ScaleLab and to represent them in my country. I'm glad you guys are enjoying your partnerships (especially you, @Mooks_&_Niles ;-)) and I'm proud to work with you guys.
  12. hoi geoffrey kun je mij misschien tips geven? wat ik kan verbeteren aan mijn video's/ kanaal.
    alvast bedankt gr renske
  13. Exactly what @FTWLB said. Many creators skim over the contract and do not read it which, most of the times causes confusion.
  14. Tbh i read the contract and there were parts that were hard to understand, I might not be fully aware of what it said, but i haven't stumbled upon any problems yet so i think ScaleLab is great although im also fairly new here.
  15. I am in the middle of getting unlinked and extremely happy about it! I have been scammed multiple times in the past with money and let it go because it was just a bit, but now I am fed up of it and cannot let it happen. LINKING TO THIS NETWORK WAS THE WORST IDEA!
  16. The guys only respond to messages from happy partners with the crumbs they earn and forget about the dung of the support they receive. I should have more than 20 unresolved emails and probably one more post in this forum.
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  17. Am still watching them out:
  18. Im curious, is there a way to transfer to Scalelab Gaming from regular Scalelab ? unless all Scalelab communities are whole

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