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Who I am

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by MrZRman., Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Hey Everybody!
     I just joined the scale lab network and im excited to be working with all of you!! My name is Zach and my channel is MrZRmanllr or www.youtube.com/user/mrzrmanllr
    If you wouldnt mind in just taking a look around that would be great! Please let me know what im doing right or what im doing wrong and how i can improve my channel, as well as any other advice you have for me! I have many ideas and as im writting this im already thinking of diffrent types of collaberations to do with you all!! Also I have an idea for Scale Lab to promote and I was wondering how i would go about reciveing a letter from them that says I can ask if a company would help sponser but were not accepting sponsers just yet because we want to see how many companies and groups to sponser a project. Anyways thanks again guys for your time i look forward to working you you all :)

    ps I am with another channel called life long riot at www.youtube.com/user/lifelongriot

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