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What do you do on your channel?

Discussion in 'Game Theory' started by LemiaCrescent, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Hey guys! There are WAYYYYYYYYY too many "sub to me" videos on here~! I am going out on a limb here and going to start an actual conversation... :)

    What games do you play on your channel and why? So you have any games that you specialize in or upload constantly (examples would be StarCraft II or Minecraft)? Is there a specific genre that you stay to (like first person shooters or strategy games)?

    Let me know what your channels are all about! I'd be interested in hearing about it! I hope we can actually make some discussions in this forum because it would be totally awesome! :3
  2. Hey! I am just starting up and I am going to be making funny moments... I love making them and I'm doing any games from league of legends to gta.... Just making them is a lot of fun hopefully I can collab with someone bigger to grow! Btw your art is crazy good :3
  3. Thanks! ^^

    It would be really cool if you could put together a group of your friends to play LoL with! You didn't link your channel so I don't know if you do it that way or not..it's fun to watch when you play those sorts of games with friends. :)
  4. Ya sorry I didn't do that... I don't have any vids yet... I start today! And it would be cool I have a couple of people I play with but there is always room for more! Friend me on skype:kingbuddog      LoL:eek:h JonJon      YT:YouTube.com/jonjonhere
  5. I upload Minecraft aswell make sure you check out my channel please sub to sub!! :)
  6. I upload FIFA videos if anyone knows what FIFA is haha.
  7. HMMM! I don't know much about sports but I'm pretty sure that is Soccer! Or what the rest of the world calls Football. :) What kind of videos do you make involving that?
  8. Minecraft is such a sandbox, you could do just about anything with that! What kind of Minecraft videos do you make?
  9. Hello!

    I play Plants vs Zombies. I make walkthroughs and do some Plants vs Zombie related animations. I'm glad to see that a thread here that goes beyond the sub 4 sub dogma. Thanks OP. 

  10. vine,short movies,visual effects & tutorials

  11. ya it is good to see acutal people reaching out! hopefully there will be growth for everyone!
  13. WELLL.................... i made a LoL funny moments...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JDuEjVpMhY check it out if u want? haha
  14. Well I'm Trying to Get a Perfect Intro I have The File  but I dont really get the program after effects if anyone wanna help email me
  15. I post a lot of last of us multiplayer videos
  16. Oh gosh! I absolutely ADORE that game! I've poured so many hours into it! I see your channel is ALL plants vs zombies. Do you ever get bored of it? I find it remarkable that certain games have such replay value! :) And thank you!
  17. Hi. I'm uploading mostly gaming videos like first look and occasionally FIFA or NBA. The second thing is my piano vids. I like to do covers on piano. I wanted to do a collaboration with someone and make a double cover but i did not found anyone. The third thing is a series which i'm doing with friends. Becasue it's a very big project ivolving many people and time i release episode once a year. The fourth thing is tutorials i make when i come up with something that isn't already done on youtube.
  19. What up everybody.  I just redone my page.  I usually do unboxing, playthroughs, VLOGS and will be doing a podcast for my YouTube Channel.  I play any and everything, plus I publish videos daily.  Somebody has to be looking for the information somewhere and I think I might be the person to do it, or is that DSP?

    But, on a serious note, I play a ton of games.  I don't care if it's My Princess is a Total ******, to Toddler's first Tryke, or Gore & Blood 13, if it's a game everybody want's or love, I'm going to play it.  ALso, all of my videos has live commentary.  Sometimes, I forget to say anything, which is a bummer, but I love streaming.  I'm working on purchasing a New 3DS XL (when they recieve a NA release), a Xbox One and PSTv for my channel. 

  20. I see that many people are doing funny videos now, I'm doing it too :D

    I had PvZ Garden Warfare but I rarely played it :p

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