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What are people's favourite kind of content?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BellSlice, Feb 26, 2017.



  1. Vlogs

  2. MLG Montages

  3. Commentary

  4. Spider man and Elsa

  5. Pranks

  6. Social Experiments

  7. Music Covers

  8. Facts

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  1. What kind of content does everyone like watching most?
  2. Depends on my mood really! I do enjoy some good vlogs now and again though from my favourite YouTubers! :)

    How about yourself? :
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  3. Have to be commentary probably, facts being second
  4. Entirely depends on my mood, time of the day. Mostly I enjoy good content VLOG, comedy, people & Life type of videos.

    Never got into gaming videos, if I ever to I would be making some with constant funny commentary. LOL!!
  5. Agree with the vlogs! With the gaming videos i mainly enjoy funny moment videos (they're my personal favourite) :)
  6. I think that would bring the biggest crowd to your channel if you are able to make people laugh while they watch you play the game. If you talk too much it gets boring and people lose interest.
  7. 100% ! If a video isn't interesting people will lose engagement and simply watch something else! :)
  8. Personally, it changes throughout the week depending on my mood. I watch funny gaming commentary videos mostly, but sometimes I love watching adventure vloggers who travel to different parts of the world. It all depends on how I'm feeling that day honestly! :)
  9. Do you have any favourite gaming commentators? :)
  10. I enjoy watching funny videos made in Source Filmmaker
  11. Sweet!
  12. For "walkthrough" gameplay, theRadBrad is my favorite. For Call of Duty, Ali-A and EliteShot. For general funny videos, SeaNanners, Sssniperwolf and Markiplier. Depends on which I feel like watching.

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