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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guest, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Hi, and welcome to the Fishing community!

    Rule #1: Don’t be shy.

    The first thing EVERY new community member should do as soon as they join is post a big “Hello!” to the rest of the community. Then, if you’re feeling chatty, tell the community what your interests are, what your channel is about, what you’d like your channel to become – anything at all you’d like to share.

    Talk about the problems you’ve had with your channel. Talk about your fears. Talk about your successes. Talk about the best video you ever created in your life. Talk about the worst.

    It’s community etiquette to check out the other channels in your community and (within reason) to subscribe to them. ScaleLab communities are friendly and open spaces where other channels cheer on your successes and give constructive feedback on everything else. It’s a supportive environment for people to get to know each other, watch others’ videos and especially to find ways to collaborate with each other.

    This is YOUR community. Make it great!


    Your friends at ScaleLab
  2. hi

    hi, who like shark fishing

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