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Video Vlog Travel channel! check out my channel

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by LoGiC_ViBeS, May 19, 2017.

  1. Hello my Name is Luis most known as Logic on my gaming channel recently I wanted to make a switch into the Vloging community and grow as an individual extend and share my travel & life experiences im working hard to promote my content and hopefully you guys like what ive worked hard on!

  2. Thats awesome man! Welcome to the forums by the way!
  3. We are Happy to be your 1st subscribers LoGiC_ViBeS and I'm sure many more to come:)
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  4. Oh wow thank you so much sir! It's definitely pleasing to find people taking interest in my content/creations as I start my new journey vlogging!
  5. I truly appreciate it, I've checked your content and very pleased by your family's work! If you'd like to promote channels contact me thru twitter @VlogsWithLouis
  6. Of couse:) Always great to network and build your youtube family. We followed you on Twitter:) Do you have an IG?
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    Great! We can communicate on twitter, A YouTube family to grow our communities together is definitely needed! I haven't uploaded recently because I'm working on future video ideas but I will be uploading very soon to bring yet better content to my channel and a more family friendly channel for everyone.
    I recently have two Instagram accounts
    My official Instagram
    My YouTube Instagram
  8. gonna look into it :)
  9. Great thank you so much!

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