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Video/Channel Feedback

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by Pappa_Bear, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. I've been plugging away on Youtube for a little over a year, I started out doing game commentary and live streaming. Grew very quickly and just burned out and found that I enjoyed making VOD content over gaming and live streaming.

    I feel like I find myself in a paradox of sorts. I think if I have any advice for any NEW Channel out there, DO NOT live stream from an account you want to use for VOD content as well. It hurts you, you end up with lots of inactive subs that are subbed to you on Youtube Gaming and not the main Youtube site. So they are never pushed your VOD content.

    If you are a live streamer, I have to recommend beam.pro which I think there are links to in the dashboard. I moved there in Aug and love it, built a nice Audience there but now I stream soo infrequently it's kind of a mute point. However, I do recommend, build your audience elsewhere and then transition them to youtube if streaming to YTG is your end goal or dedicate a channel specifically to YTG and live streams to not tank your analytics.

    Anyway, enough advice and history lesson of my mistakes.

    As for my Channel current state, I'm currently on kind of a hiatus, just had a change in my work scheduled so re-adjusting to fit in Youtube has been hard but it's coming. I primarily focus now on vlogs and family content. I do ok with consistent views and am far from delusional as I know my content leaves a lot of room for improvement.

    Engaging with my audience and giving them the desire to actually engage and interact I find difficult, which is strange to me because I never had that problem when live streaming. From a content aspect, some videos come out a little flat just because I feel guilty for not putting anything out and form a technical aspect, I like to think my editing has improved leaps and bounds but lighting is probably my biggest downfall with a lot of video but that is soon changing in the coming weeks as I have lighting on order.

    Here is one of my recent family friendly videos, I'd love the feedback and criticisms of what folks think. (Yes, I do know the lighting and color correction was a bit off ;) lol )

  2. First of all, thanks for sharing your advice about livestreaming. Always good to read the experiences from others. I think livestreaming could work if it really complements your channel. Some of the partners that I manage use a combination of livestreaming and VOD on YouTube and are very successful with that. But it is hard to create two types of content and keep it interesting for two different audiences.

    I enjoyed watching your video. It's very cute, especially the interaction between you and your little lady. You're right about the lighting, though... that's something you could improve. Maybe you could invest $50 or $100 box in one or two daylight softboxes to get natural light indoors as well.

    The video feels a bit long, too, especially in the part where she's doing your fingernails. The part where she gets to do your face is more fun to watch, so you could go through the fingernail painting a bit faster. In general, I think the length of the video could be cut down to 4 minutes or so.

    The real challenge for family vloggers is to come up with ways to attract new viewers to your channel. There are thousands of people who vlog on YouTube. If you just put out content about your daily life, the chances of people finding your channel are pretty slim.

    The good news is that you can improve your chances greatly by adding value to your videos. Shaycarl got popular when they started their Weight Loss Challenge, because people could immediately relate to their struggles. LiveLikeNoOneElse got almost 10K subscribers because they document their mission to become completely debt free.

    So you could add a deeper layer to your videos as well. The top layer is about you as a family. What values do you have? What are you working towards? What challenges do you face as a single parents? What are you trying to accomplish in life? That's the journey you're sharing with your viewers, not some day-to-day stuff that you can find everywhere on YouTube.

    Under that, there could be some "overarching storylines". Maybe you're planning a family trip. Maybe your kid's birthday is coming up. Maybe you're working on a personal project. Document those storylines so your viewers can tag along for the ride with you. That's the fun of watching vlogs.

    And finally, you can add value in individual videos as well. There are many single dads who are facing issues that you may have overcome already. Why not share with them how you try to be the best dad that you possibly can for your kids? Why not hand out some creative solutions you have found for everyday parenting problems?

    I think you have a very nice personality and a great family, so your channel has every chance of becoming successful. You just need to find a way to attract new viewers to it, by adding some more layers to it.

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