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Vella Gaming Channel

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by Dan, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Vella Gaming.jpg

    Hi guys my channel is based on (as you can tell) gaming. I like to play military simulators mainly. If it interests any of you why don't you head on over to check it out, perhaps subscribe if you like. I currently do alot of live streaming as I feel it gives people the best interactive experience. However I do edited videos from time to time. Anways check it out.

    Many thanks,

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  3. hi buddy,

    we can go for below for initial collaboration :
    • Both of us will feature other channel in channel page.
    • both of us will add videos in our playlist in a ratio around 5:1 (after each 5 videos, i will place one video of yours in all my playlist and vise versa ) so that our viewer can enjoy additional content.
    • In all new videos which both of us will upload, in video description we will shout out like "check out our other buddy channel with link of our channel.
    • Both of us will subscribe each other channel with bell notification, so that whevever we upload video, other person will play it full length(to increase watch time), like the video, comment and share it on our FB page/send tweet about each other video.
    One last thing if both of us say yes, we will have to HONEST in following above points for long term relationship.

    Let me know if you are ok with it.
  4. hi,
    i did not hear anything from you, pleased respond.
  5. Hi there, sorry for long wait. I've been a bit buisy. I'm not ready to collab I need to grow my channel more before I'll do that. Thanks for the offer btw.

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