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Unlinked from ScaleLab with 4000+ hours and 1k+ subs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Onemoreplays_cz, Mar 28, 2018.

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  1. Hey,
    I was partnered from VouStudios that become ScaleLab. When 500 subs limit was set, I left the network and wait until I reached that limit. When I reached that limit, I sent email about re-partnering again and after few days, I become partner. But at March 10, I recieved email from YouTube that said this: "ScaleLab Gaming was denied access. Create an AdSense account to run your ads on YouTube.". So I contacted support where after few days and maybe 4 tickets (after repairing my access to Dashboard was denied, my earnings wasn't recieved or even shown on Dashboard) I was told something like this: "Based on undisclosed internal policy changes, we will not be able to re-partner your channel with ScaleLab". So I would like to know why I cannot join to the network again even if I have more than 4k+ hours and 1k+ subs for past year.

    Please explain it to me. Is it because I'm cheating at videogames or why... Thanks for response (hopefully I will recieve some).

    Thanks and have a nice day,
    Jakub (inao)
  2. Unfortunately i cant further provide any explanation on this as channel support deal with this! You are still more than welcome to use the community forum/discord server while not being a ScaleLab partner!

    Thread Locked.
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