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Transformers Toy Hunt - ALL MAJOR STORES BACK TO SCHOOL : Mission to Cybertron Toys R Us EXCLUSIVES!

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by Prime_Speculator, Aug 17, 2017.

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    Being this is the dead season to Transformers after the movie of Transformers: The Last Knight now getting set to be launched on BluRay and the Bumblebee Movie Solo film coming out in December. I decided to keep the Transformers Community alive the best I can. What better way then a Toy Hunt Video during possibly the worse time to go to any major being it is BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON!

    So yes you are correct I do a Transformers Toy Run during Back to School shopping. I wanted to mix it up and do more than just a average Toy Run to Toys R Us. So I decided to hit up ALL MAJOR RETAIL STORES in my area of Michigan. I had a list of which stores I would hit up and a list of what Transformers Toys I will be hunting here is the list.

    1. Toys R Us
    2. Walmart
    3. Target
    4. Meijer
    5. Toys R US Express

    TF Toys:
    1. Leaderclass Megatron
    2. Hot Rod
    3. Infernocus (Mission to Cybertron)
    4. Dragonstorm

    Let's see what I find on my Toy Hunt Journey during Back to "School Season" while having my fiancee micro management a kid in the candy store. its a pretty funny epic video. If your a Transformers Fan, Want to Learn about Transformers, Toy Runs, Transformers Spoilers, Transformers News, and anything involving Optimus Prime you wanna make sure to check out my channel and subscribe. Look forward to hearing your feedback. the Transformers fans I have been in "sleep mode" over the Transformers 5 movie was release. I will do everything to keep the Transformers Universe alive in the Domestic Market.

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