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Transformers 5 The Last Speculation!

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by Prime_Speculator, Jun 20, 2017.


Anyone going to the Transformers: Last Knight Movie Premier Tonight?

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  1. This is the Last Transformers: The Last Knight Speculation. Transformers 5 Speculations is officially in retirement. The movie and the journey we have been on the 6 months have finally come to and end. Transformers 5 is set to open tonight with the "Prime Time Movie Event." SO I wanted to make sure I gave you one last Transformers Speculation Documentary in this one. I touch on King Arthur, Optimus Prime, The Round Table, Qunitessa, Steelbane, Skullatron, Unicron, Dark Energon, The Knights of Cybertron, and the hidden secret of Excalibur the Sword of War. This is a story you probably haven't heard of the Legendary Sword Excalibur. This movie cold all be based off The Sword of Peace vs The Sword of War! Make sure to check this one out and don;t forget to subscribe!


    Transformers 5: The Last Knight opens tonight! Movie Breakdown and Review coming soon. After I see the movie on Friday!

    If your a fan of Transformers and have an opended mind this is the community for you! We dig deep in the Lore of Transformers! LPS, Last Prime Speculator here with another Transformers SPeculkation!

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