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Thread Removed Asking Why ScaleLab Support Is Ignoring People

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Viral_Matters, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    So yesterday I made a thread explaining my situation about being wrongfully unlinked from ScaleLab without warning DESPITE me having over 500 subscribers (I have nearly 9,000) and how ScaleLab support seems to be ignoring people. A lot of people replied to that thread saying the exact same thing and support isn't replying to them either. Guess what? When I checked the thread I made, it was DELETED! I wasn't hostile towards anyone or anything. I simply told my story and asked if anyone else was being ignored by support. Real professional, I'm trying to get some sort of help because support hasn't replied to any of my 3 tickets I made in the last week so you delete my thread? I better get an answer soon from somebody or this will become a legal matter. You can't just say I'm unlinked when YouTube still says I am linked and then choose to not pay me while my videos are still monetized under ScaleLab. Someone who is an Admin PM please because I'm getting to the breaking point here. NO WAY am I being cheated out of over $1k, NO WAY!

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  2. Hi there, Sorry to hear that about your payment, but your last thread is still on , but it is in the second page of the threads list.
    hope you get answer about payment soon.

  3. Trust me, it's not there anymore. It was titled "What happened to ScaleLab support? Have They Disappeared?" Each time I try and view the thread it says it can't be found. My other threads are still there, but they conveniently deleted just that one.
  4. It's been like more than 60 hours since I contacted support..
    To be honest,I'll probably let my lawyer call them in few hours.
  5. Oh, that scary, and really someone should clear things to people. i am worried now.
  6. Try to link it again. It literally took me 20 seconds.

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