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Video The Adventure Of A Lifetime - Uganda 2017

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by James-Sword_Gaming, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. My Video:

    So I just returned home from my trip to Uganda, 1 week ago today. I met some amazing people, saw some breathtaking scenery, and had many unforgettable experiences. It wasn't always happy, I saw some extreme poverty that really gets the emotions going, but really I had the time of my life, and i'm so lucky that I had the chance to do it. Going to Africa is something i've wanted to do since a young age and I really feel privileged that I got the chance to go, and for a decent period of time too, I spent 7 weeks there.

    I stayed in a small village called 'Nkuringo' which is in the Kisoro District of South Uganda. The house I stayed in is named the 'Volcano House', and it really is the perfect name, as from the front of the house you have a great view of the Virunga volcano range, one of the largest in the world (there's 7 volcanoes!). And behind the house is the impenetrable rainforest which is home to roughly half of the worlds population of gorillas.

    The fact I got to go to Uganda in the first place was down to a guy named Chris, who owns a charity organisation called 'Singing Gorilla Project'. He's a great guy and i'm very grateful to him for inviting me out there. Below are links to his website and his Youtube channel. You should check them out.


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