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Should we add any sub-forums?

Discussion in 'Game Theory' started by richard, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Hey, ScaleLab Gamers!

    Since the Gaming community is our largest specialty forum, we thought it might be good to have some sub-forums for things like Minecraft or anything else, as long as the community is large enough to support that sub-forum.

    What do you all think? Which sub-forums should we add? Let us know!
  2. I think sub-forums would help, maybe things like this:

    Promote Your videos
    Promote your Channel

    Each should have there own section to make it easier to find specific areas.
  3. I would say sub-forums should exist for gaming. Like:
    1. FPS
    2. Minecraft
    3. Racing Games
  4. Good point. I think this is probably only relevant for the Gaming forum though, since a good chunk of our network is gaming channels.

    Cool. This was more of what I had in mind.

    I'd like to get some more feedback before I make these sub-forums. Anybody else want to give some input?
  5. 2 sub-forums

    1) PC

    2) Console
  6. Hi

    Make sense to have a sub-forum for Table Top and Board Games? Is this part of the gaming community?

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