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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OOHAMI, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. emm actually i just checked my own channel at Social Blade..and then they show my Patner Network which is ScaleLab Gaming. And yeah my content is gaming for overall. But this is my question... I just saw the TWO types of Name of Patner Network at Social Blade ScaleLab = first is - ScaleLab and Second is - ScaleLab Gaming..?? emm IF i patnership with just " SCALELAB " and not " SCALELAB GAMING " ...even my content is gaming.... DID I STILL GET PAID ?? becoz what i know SCALELAB is just for content like VLOG , STORY and other stuff. BUT SCALELAB gaming just for game and yeah i know that. What i see who is PatnerShip with just SCALELAB...they just do a drama , vlog and other like i said before.

    Why i talk about this? becoz when i Click " Scalelab Gaming " at social blade...they show the total Grade is " B- "....em what i know Scalelab is the GOOD Patnership. And when i click patnership just call " ScaleLab " the Total grade is "A+"
    and i was like...." WTF ? " hahaha. im just curious tho..seriously. Scalelab at social blade show around have 59K member!! and Scalelab Gaming just 6K....huhu T_T.. .

    Hey~ Im not complaining okay. im just CURIOUS. becoz Who is patner with ScaleLab it feel like a lot people used it. but scalelab gaming not many. Thats why i ask a question ~ DID I STILL GET PAID from Scalelab even im not patner with Scalelab Gaming ??? or NAMES IS NOT MEANS ANYTHING ?? Haha. *Pls someone REPLY*

    By The Way ~ I'm still happy with ScaleLab Gaming ^-^

    Social Blade ScaleLab Gaming - https://socialblade.com/youtube/network/scalelab_gaming
    Social Blade ScalaLab - https://socialblade.com/youtube/network/scalelab

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