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ScaleLab Collab Idea

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by Caffeinated Diary, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Hey ScaleLab members!

    So, as I was perusing through YouTube, I came across a popular vlog by the VlogBrothers channel. It's two, well established Youtubers that, for a while, would post video responses back and forth to each other on a certain day. This format is one that I would definitely like to adapt and use. It sets the viewer up for an expectation for when to come back to the channel and watch the next episode, which would be great for attacting a core viewer base. If anyone is interested in coming up with content, please let me know. I think it could be effective for generating viewership and getting a few gray thumbs up.  

  2. are you still interested in that? and do you have any ideas for it?
  3. Hey Scale Lab community! I apologize for pestering you all with this, but for those of you unaware my sketch group Recycled Babies is a few days away from a chance at 10,000 dollars and we really need all our fellow scalelabers support! your support! In exchange please let me know whatever I can do for you; as I don't want to be blatantly self -serving. I will happy to promote, like subscribe, post any of your wonderful talents in exchange for this kind getsture. We also would be down to collaborate with you all in the near future or assist a fellow channel :)

    That being said guys if you have facebook or know anyone who does; please share this video, watch it, and if you like it vote every day till march 3rd for Paint Dreams at www.woobox.com/7v93ey/vote/for/6018555 . It's between us and another group for 10,000 dollars so it's a pretty big deal.

    Thanks for all your help everyone and reach out to me on fb or at recycledbabiessketch@gmail.com

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