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Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by KhoiiVlog, Jul 6, 2021.

  1. Hello Everyone Goodmorning is Scalelab team can review my channel? or automatic after i reach 2.5k subscribers have ads? Please comment to the scalelab user. Thankyou so much
  2. hello, I am scalelab user please reply to me and send an SMS.i am waiting for your reply.
  3. Hello scalelab team.. im scalelab user can you review my channel please.. thanks
  4. Hello Sir, my name is Erick I'm a new user of scalelab, does my channel already have ads? Thank You....
  5. hello I am new to scalelab, my subscribers has just reached 2,500.
    what is the next steps to get ads in my youtube channel?
  6. I have the same concern on above messages. Anyone from scalelab can enlighthen us.? I just reach my 2500 subscribers count. Whats the next step to avail or to be eligible for full mcn.?

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