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Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by Jazz Mandolin, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. I am not a sales person. However, I have found a product that I like extremely well. How does a person approach a company to advertise on one's Youtube channel?
  2. I would send Scalelab an e-mail first. They may have some brands that they have a deal with that only their products can be advertised. Just to be safe.

    Or e-mail scalelab, they maybe able to work something out

    or e-mail them yourself. The idea of product placement is to advertise the product. (simple I know) but companies don't want to just place their ads anywhere. For example a movie studio is not going to ask me to promote their movie when I have already gave poor reviews to their previous movies. It just isn't in their interests. Show them that it will benifit them to advertise on your channel. If you make terrible or boring videos... no one is going to want to waste their money on someone who may like their product but arnt a good product them selfs. Make great content. Get a ton of royal fans.

    Finally, just just e-mail them saying; "if you pay me I will advertise". Show them your videos and in the e-mail sell your service and explain why. 

    A recent example of mine was when I was asked to review a game for another channel. They put in deatail why they would make a great case for them, for example 
    -We get 10,000 every day
    - we have over 1 million subs
    - we give games a fair and entertaining review where people will come back and rewatch, increasing your channes of our viewers buying your game
    - regardless of the score, we also provide a link to your store

    Notice they sold their services without saying they would give them a good review. They just told them about what they do... doesn't mean they should give them a free game and expec a great review. The trick is to make yourself look good, so they will beileive it and you can conduct your work, fairly and not curropted. 

    This applies to reviewing as well as in video advertisments.

    Hope this helps.  

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