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Video Persona 5 [Merciless] Take Your Heart Livestream King Kamoshida's Castle of Lust

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  1. Kamoshida is described by Ryuji Sakamoto as a monster and by Ann Takamaki as a "piece of ****" and a "son of a bitch." He is a lustful, vain, cruel and utterly selfish bully who abuses his female students emotionally, physically and sexually, and is willing to sabotage the athletes in rival sports of his own school purely so his own class rises to prominence.

    The cause of his corruption is his lust and desire both for success and power, resulting in his callous treatment of his athletes and his ephebophilia towards his female students. When Shadow Kamoshida is cornered, he transforms into his boss form, Asmodeus, a mutated demon of lust. When Shadow Kamoshida is defeated the team allows Ann to decide how to deal with him. Despite a clear desire to inflict pain on him or even kill his now cowering Shadow, Ann holds back, indicting him to return to his body and atone. Shadow Kamoshida can do nothing except weep and comply with her instructions, finally realising the impact of his actions.

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