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PC Gaming Group Thingy!

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by KryptonicHD, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I'm not promising anything, but, if I like you enough we might do a video together. I just want to see what cool people hang out in the forums for ScaleLab! I only a few subscribers so if you want to talk or anything like that please have at least over 200 subscribers. Wouldn't want to talk to someone who is just going to give up down the line.

    - CS:GO
    - Rocket League
    - Black Ops 3
    - Black Ops 2
    - League Of Legends
    - GTA 5
    - Etc.

    Just reply to the forum or message me over on twitter for a more instant response.
    Oh heck my YouTube is the same as my forum name KryptonicHD. I don't know do your research on me if you want.

    Here's My YouTube:
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  2. hey im interested
  3. Looks like we play some similar games, I'd be interested in doing some stuff with you, even if it's just playing some games for happyfuntimes. I've been kinda dead in the water for the last few months due to some internet issues, but it looks like Comcast might finally be coming to give me that sweet, life sustaining connection.
    If you're interested in seeing a bit more about me, making sure you don't waste your time or whatever, you can look here:
  4. Hey man do you play h1z1 or disc jam i ahve those games on steam but next month i should have more
  5. Hey Man Im interested in collabing. If interested add me on steam or message me on youtube.

    youtube - youtube.com/TheLuckyGam3r
    Steam - Same name.
  6. Im up for recording if you want.

    youtube - https://www.youtube.com/TheLuckyGam3r
  7. I'll be in touch, might be a bit of time because I only have internet through my phone and it's honestly a tad bit unreliable at the moment
  8. I'm up for it if you'd like. i may not have the biggest sub base like you, but I have been doing it for a while, so I'm obviously not going to give up! If you're interested dude (because we play the same games and I'm defo interested), then hmu on my twitter @imblob, or on my youtube: http://bit.ly/2bmZFUh

    Cheers buddy,
    and good luck with ya channel!


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