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Oi, I'm Anarka Akaza!

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by anarka akaza, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Oi everyone, how are ye all doing? I'm Anarka Akaza and I've been a YouTuber since August 2008 over about 4 different channels. However, I've been doing on my current channel since 2012, but anyway. I'm a freelance Journalist, Old School RuneScaper, Vinyl Junkie and Cultural Vlogger that does weekly videos and I honestly live on YouTube! I use YouTube more than any other site! YouTube is my TV, YouTube/Netflix is my movies, YouTube/Vinyl Records is my music, YouTube is my go-to for Entertainment and has been for the longest time!

    I love to go around and interview people and just hear interesting stories about what people have done in their lives, as well as talking to musicians, politicians, teachers, or really just anyone who has a good story to tell! I have been playing RuneScape since 2001 and I never plan on quitting and for the last couple of years now, I've been making Old School RuneScape videos (I don't play RuneScape 3). I play RuneScape Classic occasionally. But I do lots of OSRS videos 1) because they're fun to do and I love the game 2) tutorials and 3) for kind of like a Journal of what all I've done in the game.. I also like to go to record stores, Discogs and really anywhere in search of Vinyl Records! I once had a collection of 5000+ in 2014 till I got robbed.. But my favourite band NOFX released their newest album 'First Ditch Effort' in 2016 and well.. I bought the LP of it 'Bone Splatter' edition and well. When I held it in my hands, for the first time in a couple years.. I finally had the feeling once again. So I've been buying lots of vinyl records and this time I've been recording videos of my collection where I show off what I have as well has give an informative review and just talk about my feelings about the music and the bands. :)

    Cultural Vlogs, you may ask what that is. 1) Well, I travel a lot. I've lived in California, Kansas, Washington and Japan! I've also been to China and Dubai! Soon the Philppines and I just record record record and make videos of everything I can possibly think of! I love to just film away and show the world off on my channel! 2) I vlog about my life and all that I do 3) I talk about things going on in the world and I give my opinions on said things.

    With all this being said, I hope you defintely give my channel a browse, hit that subscribe and bell button! I upload at least 2 videos per week so I always have content coming out! I don't have a specific schedule for what kind of video is released on which day, I just do what comes natural to me. But anyway, please go check out my YouTube Channel and be sure when you watch my videos to like / dislike, comment and share my videos! Also on the discussion section of my channel, give me an overview of what you think about my channel as a whole! I always reply to comments that I get! I love your comments, whether they're positive or negative! I wanna hear what you think of my work!

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    ~ Anarka Akaza

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