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Next Milestone 200 subs

Discussion in 'Milestones' started by monkeyboygamer, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone!

    So I have made it past my last milestone which was 100 subscribers! Now I am looking to double that and I am so close to getting there. Currently 156 subs.

    I upload 5 times a week (once per day Monday till Friday) and I absolutely love YouTube. I dream of making it big in the gaming industry I know is hard but I enjoy what I am doing so I will keep at it.


    Thank you for reading my posts!

    You are all epic.

  2. Congrats and Good Luck!
  3. I just looked at your channel and you're exactly at 200 subscribers now! Congratulations mate. Doing very well!

    Just a little tip: I think you could work on your visuals, such as your banner and your thumbnails. Your banner doesn't look that well on bigger screens (with the pink "cut-offs") and the thumbnails are very crowded with lots of different texts, colors and fonts. Maybe you could ask a designer to create a new banner and a template for your thumbnails, so you'll have a more consistent branding style.

    Good luck with everything!
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  4. Thank you very much I have reached 200 which is awesome :) Thank you for your comment.
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  5. Thank you for your feedback means a lot ill take on board and try to improve just reached my milestone next one 500 subscribers :)
  6. i want to reach 1,800 milestone please help me get there heres my channel maybe tell me some ideas that i can do on the channel i moved my games to a second channel but game me some other ideas so iam not just letting my channel sitting here and losing subs thanks

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