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New Video. Go check it out and Give some feedback

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by PeterPix Gaming, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. Hey. The video wasn't too bad, but there are a few things I could suggest:

    - Although the microphone quality was clear enough as it was, I would recommend doing some post-production with your audio in an audio editor like Audacity or the like. There are several tutorials on how to do it, but the only reason that I recommend this is so your audio doesn't have this much background noise and reverb.

    -It seemed that the video itself dropped a few frames in several spots; would you mind telling me what capturing software you use? I would personally use XTory if you plan on doing mostly full-screen games, but Mirillis Action is probably one of the best recorders out there, period. If you do already use those, you might want to adjust the frame capture settings so the video is smoother (again, there are several tutorials on how to do this).

    That's about it. Keep going at it, man. Also, could I ask for some feedback on my videos?
  2. Loved your Feedback. That was awesome!!! :)
    My audio is not the best I know and I already use the audacity to cut the noise although I just do that and don´t do anything else, but I will see the tutorials about how use properly the audacity.
    I´m currently using FRAPS and I didn´t noticed the skipped frames. I will try to fix it in the future.
    I´m going t see your videos now and I will give some feedback later.
    And once more thank you for the feedback. This communitie is a bit dead and its good to get a reply.
  3. Already saw your both videos and what I have to say is that you only played two random games and the period between uploads was to long( maybe you didn´t have the time or you just wanna make some videos for fun) and if you want to gain subs try to upload at least one time for week, but that video that you upload must be really good because many people want content every day but if you say to them that you can only make one vid per week and they still want to see your videos, thwy will wait until the weekend to see your videos and the expectation or higher because it grows during week. Also you have to play more games that you like and you think that also other people would like. When I say this doesnt mean you that you must play mainstream things like gary´s mod, gta V, fifa, minecraft,... But to play more things that are or were more popular at least at the start of the channel because many peole wouldn´t serch for the games you have played.
    But one thing that I really liked was the quality of the video and sound so congrates on that because I wich I could have a sound like yours. Other thing is that your commentary was good, however you should be in future videos more excited or cativating while talking so that people could get love your commentarys even more.

    But to sum up you could get to good place in the future if you invest in your videos in the future.
  4. I use my phone for my videos and I know its not the best but I try I am trying to improve my videos
  5. I also use my cellphone to record my audio because at the start the pc mic was awfull but the cellphne mic as a better mic.

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