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Need Feedback on Latest Informative Gaming Video!

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by bendego, Jan 8, 2018.


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  2. Okay. First of all, hello.

    Secondly: Master your audio properly.

    I'm being blunt for your benefit. I made it to 0:12 and had to have the volume (system and external amp) up to 100%. That is not good. Your viewer can't hear you, they go away.

    In addition, your popping your mic in many parts. It feels like your audio was recorded while you whispered into the mic. You need to have the mic - at minimum - two inches from your mouth.

    Remember: If you record it too low, you can always raise it. If you pop your take, you gotta redo it.

    Bad audio quality and low audio volume will lead to heavy viewer abandonment and slower subscriber growth.

    In addition, I personally found it annoying that you overlayed the text during the intro.

    In summary:
    • I'm blunt and I do this for your sanity
    • Fix your audio or your viewer retention rate may/will drop
    • Fix your audio or your subscriber count may stagnate
    • Move away from the mic
    • If you have to talk directly into it (for whatever reason) offset the mic so your airwaves blow past it instead of directly into it (this will create an effect of distance, even if you are next to the mic)
    • Speak softer away from the mic (if you have to) and raise it in post using Audacity or simply speak at a normal tone, not popping the mic
  3. Thank you for your kind feedback.
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  4. Good luck in whatever you may create next!

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