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Need an editor

Discussion in 'Production Help' started by Email, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. I am a league of legend / gaming creator with 3k subs looking for a editor, I can't really pay now but as soon as I start making real revenue offering up to 50% share

    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/email647
  2. Hey! So literally last night I purchased a new video editor. I feel like I'm capable of making really nice edited videos, I just couldn't do it before with my old editor. If you're still looking for an editor. I'd be happy to help. I just need to get to know your style. :)
  3. How much are we talking because I can edit but the quality depends on the payments
  4. Mate, I wish I could help :/

    I had to sell my old rig and can't put out any decent videos atm
  5. I'd be willing to do a trial run of a few edits for you before any kind of revshare, if you're still looking

    I'm a film student with some expereince using Adobe Premiere for editing, to sell myself

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