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MitchellVGaming Channel 400 subs need help?

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by MitchellVgaming, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Hey Guys Its MitchellVGaming,Check out My channel looking to get 400 subs plz

    giveaway starts at 400 subs im giving a PlayStation, steam, and, Xbox gift cards
    just comment I WANNA WIN!! thats it.

    follow me on twitter
    follow me on twitch
  2. Nice channel subbed..same here mate..help me hit 300 subs, i amma try and give away steam codes!!Sub to my channel(link below in signature) ty mate
  3. Hey man! You've got a cool channel but this isn't the right forum section to post this type of thread :( this is section is meant for asking others for feedback! Just a friendly heads up, I understand the struggle of gaining subs, haha

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