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Mistakenly Unlinked

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CrystalBlazier, Mar 9, 2018.

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  1. My channel was unlinked today after I was accepted into Scalelab yesterday. I have over 1000+ subscribers and over 4000+ hours of watch time. This is definitely a mistake. :/
  2. I can tell you that it's not mistake, it's been happening to lot of channels including myself, also it's not just only this network, other MCN's doing same unliking channels for no reason..
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    Wow. Are they doing a second channel check or something? You would think that after seeing their partners' channels that joined they would know which ones have reached the new policy quota and which ones didn't...


    Got a response, still dissatisfied.

    "Sadly, with the new YPP policies, YouTube is enforcing stricter regulations on what content can be represented by a network. They’ll also be tightening their community guidelines across the board. So while you meet YouTube's new minimum requirements, we were still forced to unlink the channel from our content owner."

    "Unfortunately, the new YPP policy is a little vague when it comes to content that may or may violate the updated community guidelines.

    However, they were very clear that networks will be penalized for having 25 channels or more that get demonetized, terminated or suspended. As a result, we were forced to unlink a number of channels that pose even smallest risk."
  4. Hi there,

    Unfortunately this is the case!

    There is a full thread available here that may help.

    Thread Locked.
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