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Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by THEMIXEDSERVER123, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Any minecraft youtubers?

    • 15 and older
    • 100- subs
    • Pc Gamer
    • Active at least once a month
    • skype, teamspeak, or discord.
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  2. do you mean 100+ orr?
  3. yes, a little below that works too ;d
  4. [QUOTE = "THEMIXEDSERVER123, mesaj: 12205, üye: 16501"] Herhangi bir minecraft kullanıcısı var mı?

    • 15 yaş ve üzeri
    • 100 sübvansiyon
    • PC Oyunu
    • En az ayda bir kez aktif
    • Skype, teamspeak veya discord.
    Youtube kanalımı abone misiniz? Izlemekten
  5. Hat are we paying hypickle? factions?
  6. Yes, I'm into Factions and Hypixel w/ pvp too. ;d
  7. im always open.... pm me if you wanna do something
  8. Im down to collab!

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