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kicked out at February 17th

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hosselaar9, Feb 17, 2017.


is it a good choice of scalelabgaming to kick smaller channels out?

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. so i recieved this email from scalelab gaming and i basicly says i'm getting kicked out by the 17th because i'm to small. so great to hear this man. i've been doing this for over a year, doing my best to make this work out. I do it for fun and all, but this is just dumb. this is for real my reward. it did say that at 500 i will be able to join again. if you're at scalelab gaming make sure to check if you have an email about this. i really hope to reach 500 soon (probably not gonna happen).

    Hope this alerts people if they didn't see the email, i also hope i will reach that 500!

    Hosselaar9 out
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  2. They aren't really kicking anyone out, as you'll still be able to access most resources anyways. As far as I understand, you just have to monetize with AdSense. (or maybe another network?) It's weird to see these networks getting smaller so close to each other. First Maker, now ScaleLab.
  3. ya i also recieved that email but i cannot understand that payment will be given by scalelab or google
  4. Hosselaar9, I'm so sorry you feel that way. Please know that this has nothing to do with you being "too small", or with you "not making enough money". This has everything to do with YouTube enforcing stricter and stricter rules for networks. ScaleLab loves to work with talented, upcoming creators such as yourself. But they can't take responsibility for 100,000 creators and make sure that they'll never ever break any copyright or community rule (which is what YouTube seems to expect of MCNs). So this drastic change is mostly a precaution to make sure ScaleLab can continue to support channels in the future.

    Also, you you'll still be able to enjoy every benefit that comes with being a ScaleLab partner. You can still access the big music libraries, use all the apps in the dashboard, and count on the support guys to help you out with any YouTube questions you may have. So while this measure might feel like you're being left out, rest assured that you'll still be taken care of. I'm sure your partner managers at ScaleLab Gaming will be very happy to help you reaching those 500 subs as soon as possible.

    I wish you all the best with your channel :).

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  5. reply to my question also
  6. I believe you're asking if you will be paid by ScaleLab or YouTube from now on. The answer is by YouTube. So you'll have to link your own AdSense to your channel to get paid.
  7. Calma, meu amigo!
    Eu também era um desses removidos, mas realmente ScaleLab está certo!
    "Se você não trabalha, não ganhe"
    certo? Então ... Tome calma e fazer uma pena que um dia após 500 incritos, talvez você vai voltar a esta maravilhosa Família.

    Minha opinião sobre um ScaleLab: Eu gostei muito, e com poucos assinantes que não são meus amigos, porque faço bons vídeos bons, o erro está no público que não colabora com o nosso trabalho, no registro, tão pequeno e grande Em Vídeos
    More is isos ai, vamos trabalhar em coisas novas.

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    # FarCry5 I #jurassicpark I #trailer I #ubsoft

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