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Just A Little Guy Trying To Make Good Content

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by CasperTheNerd, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Hey guys im casper Also Known as CasperTheNerd on youtube where i upload content and stream as much as possible. I upload almost any game i can as much as possible and i try to have fun doing it with my friends. it would be nice if you guys could stop buy my channel and give me some feedback/criticism on it. any would help. thank you guys for helping :)

    My Channel:
  2. Hi Casper!

    I've just been browsing around on your channel and thought I'd give a little bit of feedback.
    You're very entertaining to watch and the fact you play a wide range of games is always a good think as not many people do that nowadays. Collaborating with your friends also makes your videos funny and entertaining.

    I would recommend that at the beginning of your videos, engage with your audience and welcome them to the video, so they feel a part of it. Also, any comments you receive, respond to just to engage with your audience even more. Maybe invest some time and money into a channel icon and banner just to give your channel an overall look that's captivating when a viewer initially clicks onto your channel.

    I wish you luck with YouTube. Hope this helped!

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