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Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by thefinalboss, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Do people actually use this forum? I'd like to know if I'm wasting time here or what.
  2. I'm new here, but it seems like people do use this forum.
  3. You're not wrong, you're just not right. Looking specifically on channel feedback (and filtering out my comments): 5 out of 14 posts have been replied to. The next page is worse. I think this network had a community at one point, but I'm not sure what happened to it. It seems everyone thinks that they can just dump there stuff here and forget about it. I get more feedback and views posting literally anywhere else.
  4. Things would be so much better if people used this forum, I mainly use Yttalk because there is no sense of community in this forum.
  5. What's YT Talk?
  6. It's a youtube community forum, basically what this one should've been. There are features that promote activity so you will always have people to interact with and learn from.

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