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Intros, Yes or No?

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by Daria Klyza, May 17, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys!
    Recently I have added an intro to all the videos I make now and I was just wondering what your opinions were. My first intro I made was 30 seconds long, which may not seem like a long time but when you just wanna get to the video it seems like a life time. I then changed the intro to 15 seconds long, so, my new videos have now got the new version of the intro. 

    The reason I wanted an intro is because I do all sorts of videos. I do organising videos, vlogs, mummy & toddler, pregnancy vlogs, beauty and fashion. I thought that if someone watches just one of my videos, they might not get the whole idea of the channel, so I decided an intro which tells what my channel is about in a few seconds was good. I don't know.. I would be grateful for any feedback, etc.

    Here's my channel: http://youtube.com/user/dariaklyza
  2. I believe 30 sec intro is definitely too long. I don't like intros and always skip them. In my humble opinion, if someone wants an intro, 5-6 sec should be sufficient:)
  3. You've got a great intro, but yes, 15 seconds could be a turn off. You could cut off the intro at the sucscribe part. Thats a good cut off point I think. And start with the part that says 'You are now watching'. Hope that helps :)
  4. I didn't even think of doing that! That's a godd idea, thank you! :)
  5. Who made that intro btw, because it looks really good!
  6. Intros for the Youtube Trailer part of you main page is good is a way to promote your channel let the audience know what you're about.
    But intros for every single video blogs do get annoying but if you do I say keep it short for 15 seconds or less so viewers could into the videos right away instead of being drags.

    As for the main trailer page part I so 30 seconds less or 1 minute will be good since the trailer is only for the main page when people come across it for the first time.
  7. For an intro, we recommend to keep it as short as possible. On average, a viewer's attention span is around 7-8 seconds, so you want to keep it shorter than that. 

    YouTube recently introcuded a new featured in their InVideo Programming section - Branding Intros. It allows you to automatically place a 5-second intro before all your videos. Read more about in our Tip & Trick from last week: http://bit.ly/SbglCz

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