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IDEA: Add a proper support ticketing system, instead of email/forums

Discussion in 'Ideas, Bugs, and Suggestions' started by WarriorDan, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. I know I just recently pitched an idea a few days ago, and don't mean to post too much in this subforum, but one thing that kind of bothered me upon joining, was the lack of a support ticketing system.

    First off, I've had very positive encounters with ScaleLab staff in the past over emails, so this isn't meant negatively, but I think that offering a live support ticketing system would be a great public service to partners, as it would mean that partners would be less likely to spam their support requests here in the forums, and overall it would feel like a more professional interaction.

    Also, if ScaleLab switched over to a live support ticketing system, partners could recieve email notifications when a ScaleLab support agent responds to their ticket, making it less time-consuming for partners to check for new replies.

    ScaleLab could even categorize support tickets by type, such as "Dashboard bug", "Copyright Support ", "SEO Guidance", "Unlinking", etc.

    Just another idea of mine, but one I hope others agree with as well.
  2. Actually, there is a support ticket system, based on Zendesk. You can find it here: http://support.scalelab.com. If you log in with your email address and password, and then click on "My activities", you can see all the tickets you've submitted and their statuses. Even the tickets you've emailed to support@scalelab.com.
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  3. No, this isn't what I was referring to. I'm talking about a more transparent, direct support system. I'm not looking for a easy-to-build support page where I fill out a description bubble, and wait for an email response. I'm talking about people being able to create tickets, easily be able to find categories that match their need, etc.

    I'll be blunt: I'm not a fan of this current method. It feels rather lazy overall, and conveys the message that response time isn't important, since it's not a live chat format. This isn't a normal commercial business, where customers use a contact form. Since this is a partnership, where I and many other partners are trusting you with our channel, I would expect a higher level of support. Why not just have a live chat option available directly on the dashboard, with all support quiries turning into tickets if an agent is not online?

    You can still offer email support, and there definitely is value to that, but if I'm having an imminent problem, like someone trying to harass me with copyright claims or strikes, I would expect a higher degree of support from my network in these more urgant instances, should they ever occur.
  4. Well I can understand your point of view. 24/7 live feedback would be absolutely amazing, however it would also be impossible. There simply isn't enough staff to keep such a time consuming service up. Besides; most of the staff working for ScaleLab have a full-time job aside.

    What could maybe be a viable option is a 'rush-hour' service where there's live feedback for one to two fixed hours a day. I don't work for ScaleLab tho, so I can't look into their personal scheduals.

  5. I would never expect 24 hour live support, nor did I say I expected that. What I actually said was have a 24 hour support system, with live support offered when agents are online, and when they're not, turn the support request into a support ticket, which can be responded to at any time. Hope that clarifies things.
  6. Hey Dan,

    Livesupport would probably not be the best of ideas just because of all the divisions ScaleLab has, and would probably in turn make tickets slower.

    The support team do work hard to make sure tickets are replied to under 24 hours, and try and ensure that issues are resolved the first time!
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