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I Will Do A Shout-out To Channels: Follow the Steps:

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by Top 5 Unknowns, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. I average about 30 000-40 000 views per months and have over 1000 subscribers.You could check the stats on socialblade if you want to. So your channel WILL get some exposure.   

    1) Go and visit my channel: http://www.youtube.com/top5unknowns SUBSCRIBE (MUST) to the channel and view a video and LIKE (MUST) the video( (This way I get to know if you did step 1 and validate it as well).

    2) step 2: share it on your social media and let me know through my twitter (@Top5Unknowns) by tweeting me "Hello". If you don't have a twitter account do it via
    facebook, instagram, pinterest, gPlus+ (everyone has gplus+) and post the post here on this topic so I could also validate it. 

    3) Once you're done all of the steps, I want you to post here and I will personal inbox or just reply to your post (within 5 hours max) you and let you know for sure. This will be done for about 4 days, after that I will remove this post. 
  2. Done! https://plus.google.com/101850169413097246114/posts/3nyDx8eY29u and i subscribed and liked! 
    My youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/pennyboardsusa
  3. I got everybody except Khenya.
  4. I just shared on my twitter and tweet you too, as well as on my G+!

  6. Did it all I'm a fitness channel and I'm new to the community wanting all of us to work together as a community so that we are all growing together I'm also following you on twitter as well please follow me  

  8. Done awesome stuff you put out 
  9. Hi - I did all of the steps. Shared the ebola vid on Google +
    Thanks for this...this is my youtube channel Mel's Makeup Mayhem!
    Twitter account is @Mels_Makeup  - I said Hello on Twitter and followed you!

    Thanks so much,
  10. Well partner, I subscribed to your channel and shared it on my facebook at Tommy Chronister. I litterally could not find you on FB whatsoever but the job is done. Oh and gonna be honest, I have literally no clue how this site works. I just joined 20 mins ago. So any help from any form of life on here will be greatly appreciated. 
  11. I got you ALL! This will be extended for another week for those who haven't seen this post already. Then I will close down this topic.
  12. [youtube]I am a new but fast growing channel  averaging 150 views per vid a week if any one subs i will give 10 shout outs a week to subscribers  or people who comment  you can get more than one shout out stating from next week  08/11/14

  13. Hi, I'm the owner of two channels: Super Review and Special Z (BastienFaitDesVideos).


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