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Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by ItsEndy, May 21, 2017.

  1. Waddup kids, I'm Endy ;)

    So lets just get straight to the point, I make Free Graphics, I have been making Speedarts for over 2 years now but i stopped for awhile and came back last January, I left for awhile because, I lost hope and got bored also, Every guy/girl has gone to that phase, Where you know your not growing, or when your not even getting noticed so you decide to quit. So that happened to me, I decided to quit, But then i got inspired again, (for some reason), So that's my story.

    Now the fun part :D

    Alright so here's some of my work, If your interested on getting a Banner, Header, or something... idk :v
    Here's my portfolio instead.. PORTFOLIO

    Also here's one of my latest video as of 05/22/17

    So now you got to know me more, I bet you want to see my channel? :rolleyes:
    Well because i'm feeling nice today, I'll give it to you (YES YOU)


    Au revoir ~~ :p
  2. Sorry for the caps for the title.. :oops:

  3. Great introduction thread!

    You should create a thread/checkout our production help center so you can share your talent with the community! https://forum.scalelab.com/forums/production-help.15/

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