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I haven't had any feedback on a video for a while

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by PaulDoVideos, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Hello! My name is Paul. This is my second time on the forums and all I ask is for some feedback on my latest video. I just need to hear other's opinions on my videos because it's pretty hard judging my own video because well... It's my own video. I want to improve my videos every day, so just a little feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Hey there!

    No offense, but I get Jake Paul vibes from the video. It seems super creepy that you kinda just "showed up" at his apartment. I mean, you do you, but that is a major "click-away" factor for me personally.

    In addition, I highly recommend getting some type of stablization for your camera as the shaky nature naturally makes me sick and have a headache. Again, I understand it's part of the "experience" but it could be more off-setting to more than just myself.

    The quick jump-cuts are also seemingly abbrasive and having too many also can lead to increased abandonment, which - of course - you do not want.
  3. Hello!

    The meet up was setup from his brother. But I should've explained that in the video

    In future videos I will try to use my mini tripod more which brings more stabilization into my videos. So thank you for pointing that out.

    The jumpcuts, I like to make my videos fast paced. idk maybe its just me that like to watch those type of videos.

    But overall I really appreciate the feedback and hope to hear more from you for future threads that I might make!
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  4. Coolio! Happy I could help. If it's within your budget, a hand-held, gimballed camera mount such as things from Zhiyun (if you use a smartphone for recording) or (much more expensive) for a DSLR you could use an EVO Rage Gen2 (if you cannot afford this, there is some from AFUNTA with lesser build quality, but would do the same thing).

    In addition if you have a DSLR you could buy some glass (lenses) which has a stabiliser inside of them (ie: the Cannon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS).

    I totally understand the other reactions to the feedback and I hope that you keep creating good content! I know my voice is new here but I am happy to offer any additional advice which you may need. If ever you would like to colab (not sure what we would do, but I do have a weekly live stream I'm starting back up) simply send me a PM and I would be happy to work with you!
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