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I Do Vlogs and Skits

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by Jake the Iceman, Feb 26, 2017.


Looking to collab:)

  1. I want to collab with you

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  2. I might wanna collab with you after further research:)


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  4. Not right now, but it would have been fun!

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  1. Hello creators in the Scalelab forums!

    My name is Jake the Iceman! Currently I have almost 90 Subscribers full of loyal ICICLES!
    ( I call all my subs Icicles:) )

    My channel focuses on VLOGGING and GAMING, however, I also do many skits!

    I have learned a lot about Youtube over my 1-year of being a creator. I learned that quality is very important if you want to grow, but most importantly, story and character will help you succeed the most:)

    I have a upbeat, joyful, and positive personality throughout all my videos:) I hope to one day inspire the youth to never give on their dreams in today's society.

    Be sure to check out my channel and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy my content:) Just by watching my videos you become a snowflake. Subscribe to join my Icicles, and you can eventually rank up to an Iceberg, then a Glacier!

    Becoming a Glacier on my channel will give you privilages such as a shoutout to your channel, or your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, etc. (Your choice) Also, I can edit a video for you and post in on my channel. Of course, this is for my Glaciers only:)


    Have a great day!

    The only person that can bring you down is yourself. shuffling.jpeg

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