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Offering I Am Making 20 FREE Intros and Outros!

Discussion in 'Production Help' started by rage spectr3, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Hey fellow youtubers!

    I realized that many, many people are in need for intros and outros, and I decided why not I do a good service to the community? If you would like, I am doing the first 20 requests to help grow out my channel and just to help out some of my friends!

    All you have to do is leave your channel name, and what type of content you make (be specific) and also a link to your channel is also helpful!

    See you guys later!
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  2. Sure u can make me one uf u really want :D
    Name on Intro: Benjaso
    U decide the rest! :D <3
    Yt channel?

  3. Sure, can I please get the link to our YT channel? What type of videos do you do?
  4. Yes.

    Can you please make me a intro. :) I am looking for one because my current one is getting old and i don't like it anymore.

    I make minecraft videos and if you can make a minecraft intro then that would be cool but if you can't please make me a normal one
  5. I would love an intro and an outro man I always needed an intro and im in need of a new outro
    my channel name is Boompool
    channel link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4id33 ... nJ7G4TW_1Q
    the content i create is gaming lets plays and funny moments.
    if you do this for me ill be sure to give you a shoutout and give you full praise
  6. Hey dude,
    I'd love an intro, eventhough I already have one. But I want to c if urs is better! My channel name is Pythagorus.
    Thx a lot.
  7. Hello i am Nick.
    I really want a intro for my YouTube Chanel NicksBijzonders
    Can you make a intro for me i can't make intro's

    Name of YouTube: NicksBijzonders
  8. I truly believe it's awesome that you are doing this for the community. I mostly do gaming videos, but I also tell life stories and do various types of commentary! An Outro would be preferred.

    Link to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvGqAg ... St_z61DcMg
  9. Are we talking 3D rendering, 2D, simple, animated, etc, what will the videos be
  10. i hope you can make me a intro and a outro in weed style maby the outro in the same style as my banner http://prntscr.com/e7k4eu and a weed intro as you like it pm me if you wanna do it thanks anyways
  11. Hey there i have been very quiet on my channel but will get going again very soon. I have what i need for my main channel but i want something similar for my second channel.
    Could you make me a graphic of an old guy shooting at targets with a scoped rifle making it cartoony or funny? I can edit my logo so that is ok but could do with a .png file of an old git shooting targets LMK


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