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How To Increase The Rev-Share Of Your Channel On Scalelab,

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by TUBEGAMER|XiEoN Desi, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. So This Is Really Pretty Simple To Do, So Whatever Network You are Partnered Here You Are Directly Or Indirectly Connected To Scalelab.com , Which a really Big Network, So What Should You Do :eek:

    Firstly You Might Get 65%, 70% or 75% Of Revenue Share From Scalelab or The Network you are connected, So To Increase Your Rev Share To 80%,85%,90% or Even 95% You Have To Do a Simple Thing ;) , Email Support@Scalelab.com or your network support and Tell That you want to Change MCN To TheGamersVerge, Now You might ask What is GamersVerge actually GamersVerge Is a Network Powered By Scalelab :cool: , Which Offers The Highest Revenue Share, So For 0 - 1000 Subs You Get 80% Share, 1000-10k Subs 85% Share, 10k-100k subs 90%, If you have even More Then You get 95% Which Is The Highest Ever, So Go Ahead and Email Your Network To Change toGamersVerge or You Leave them and Join GamersVerge at http://thegamersverge.net

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