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How do I end youtube partnership with Scalelab

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Roman Fedorenko, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Hello there,year back I received mail from ScaleLab with a great offer to join their network,they offered me feedback,help with developing my channel,help with growing my audience,also they said I have great videos,even thou I had only 200 subscribers on my channel because I never advertised it.So I fought,hmm why not,and I became their partner.As time went,they didn't do nothing that they offered me in beginning,further more I wrote like +100500 messages to their feedback with request to help develope my channel and promote my videos,only once they have posted 1 of my video to their facebook page,that's it.It looks like scalelab.com is a scam,they just offer partnership to channels with low number of subscribers and get that 30% profit,so when it's lots of small channel they can earn money by that.

    Now I decided to leave their network,but they just don't repply my messages,and don't have this button anymore on youtube channel section to just quit this network.So please help me guys,I wanna end partnership with scalelab as soon as possible.

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