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Hello, M.A.E Here

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by T.A.M.E_Inc, Feb 18, 2017.

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    Hello, I'm M.A.E

    Well, since i felt like coming up with a topic of saying my hello's to everyone i wanted to say how is everyone on the forums and youtube? I been seeing allot of people work together and partner up which is great but i haven't seen many people post on the forums alot at all! But whoever is active i want to see your content and see how good your work is. How about that? I been around youtube since 2009 and didn't start youtube till late 2015 and couldn't do much till i was recommended to scale labs and have been happy ever since. I been trying to upload content but for some reason youtube's been coughing out my content and my internet cuts out :( Sorry about that guys.

    About Me:

    I'm a young 21 year old man who loves to hangout with small groups of people who need help with big things and projects even if it's roleplays.I love to do video games and sometimes music when i have the feeling too it. I usually help people with getting stuff like better logo's and backgrounds but i'm a bit rusty and used to be a project designer not as easy as it used too. I'm also a old minecraft server owner who loves to keep server's optimised as much as i can or it will drive me nuts. I love to keep others happy as much as i can even if i have the suffer in the process and sometimes i will go against the people who try to make others suffer.

    My Influence:

    Well, ever since i was young I always wanted to help other people who needed help heavily even if it caused a risk to me i even helped them record and set up their systems to make them a better youtuber or better at gaming. Plus make a couple laughs :) But, now it's a bit lonely but i have seen allot of change since i joined scale labs :) Thanks allot for accepting me. I used to be treated horribly but allot of people had the same thing and don't want them to end up like i had :)

    My Content:

    For now i'm not fully sure what i can create now due to limited people to work with and limited funds but i'm happy to help out as much as i can. I'm currently just doing playthroughs and fixing up the resolution of the games.. *cough* Horrible monitor.

    Why I'm here?

    Well, Truthfully i was invited by Darkphoniex239 who recently stabbed me in the back but you rather not hear the story :)

    (If this is in the wrong forum of thread sorry ^~^".. Still a newbie)

    Picture Of Me:


    Very First Video:

    I hope you enjoy reading what i said :) If you want to ask questions go ahead and ask.
  2. Excellent thread! Going to move this to "Promote your Channel" as its more appropriate there. It will also get you entered into our first weekly giveaway that we are holding! :)
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  3. Thankyou :)
  4. Most welcome! Good Luck, and hope you enjoy your stay here!

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