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Got trolls on my channel and this post is to vent a bit and hopefully inspire others

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CrazySeanDX, Feb 12, 2018.


Sorry for the venting, I just felt the need to post this.

  1. No worries, man.

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  2. Please go get some rest. We worry about you.

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  3. I like bacon, personally.

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  1. Well, here's the story. It started with my commenting on videos related to politics with anti-Trump stuff. Some trolls that go on the site to comment **** like "cuck" and "snowflake" didn't like that, so they subbed to my channel, and spammed downvotes on a number of my videos. It never stopped for a long while. It died down, for a few videos, and I noticed some subs were leaving, and I presumed it was them. But then, for some reason, it happened again.

    I presumed it was just my doing a review on a TV special instead of a game, but it didn't end there. Hell, checking the analytics of one video, I found out that the 45 dislikes came from 4Chan. So, it's like 4Chan's out to f**k with me except probably not but it wouldn't surprise me much if that were the case.

    I doubt a Q&A to see if subs are upset with me would work, because even with the views I do get, barely anyone ever leaves comments, save for a few people. I'm mostly just planning to dumb down the political jokes as a small change. Besides, it's getting too easy to do, even though it sometimes ends up being fun to exploit some moments in a game to poke fun at people, regardless.

    Blocking doesn't work, because, technically, the original polititrolls that spam dislikes were blocked. However, YouTube's blocking system is garbage, in that all it does is keeps them from commenting. They can still sub, they can still click like/dislike, and they can still find ways to f**k with you.

    I should also note that most of my viewers seem to come from external sites like Facebook, and I've made self memes on there that some people didn't like, so that could mean something, too.

    I basically made a bit of a novice mistake, in that I SHOULD'VE used a different profile, like a Google+ one, to make the comments. I know that now, but regardless, I have a bunch of trolls f**king my ratio up that are ironically more loyal than a majority of my subscribers, and that's just sad.

    Sadly, I doubt there's much to do other than just hope people don't believe the dislikes mean anything, sub to my content, stay active in views, likes, and subs, and just hope it eventually outnumbers the trolls, like how it is with other YouTubers bigger than I.

    To be clear, this isn't a beg for subs thing, mostly because that never works with growth, in that you need active viewers(and a good amount of them) for things to work. I do this cause I love it, and that isn't gonna change and neither is my working on this channel, but all that can be done is just luck.

    I just need luck that people will show up, pay no mind to the ratio, and stay with activeness and such, because that's just how YouTube is. It's entirely luck based that you'll get out of the funk. For all I know, the algorithm could decide to showcase my content long after I'm gone from this world, or it could surprise me as soon as tomorrow.

    So, like I said, it's not gonna stop anytime soon, but I'll be damned sure that I won't stop cause of their sad a**es and their spams. Hell, I bet they don't even like spam, to begin with. F**king canned ham hating ****s. That sh*t's okay to eat, for f**k's sake.

    Anyway, it's 1 in the morning, and everything else was important to say, the spam thing was a joke cause I'm tired.

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