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Giving feedback

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by Anseric, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. Protected22

    Yeah, try to make you titles more compelling. Clickbait is the wrong word here but make the titles interesting like something crazy is happening. :D

    I also like that there are so much dutch channels here bit just subscribing to each other isn't the answer. Subs are great but I only want people who really like my videos.

    Like, I just don't like minecraft videos so I won't subsribe to you. I hope you understand but I would just be a meaningless sub ;)
  2. Zenia

    Thanks man! I also liked my knife video! I found it weird it hadn't more views but opinions differ.

    I like your design, it's simple but the steam logo let's me know your a gamer :)

    Thumbs look good and your video edits too. Gaming video's aren't my thing but I think your heading in the right direction!
  3. Chordzie

    Banner and propic are OK.
    Trailer video is boring I find. Thumbnails look good.
    Playlist are good and about tab is ok.
    Music and edits in your videos are good but I want more talking.
    As i mentioned before I'm not a fan of gaming videos but the one who entertain me are those with a lot of talking and energetic talking.

    (I watched vanosgaming for a while and there i found that)
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  4. Damn I just found the reply button (i'm stupid haha)

    No problem and don't feel obligated to look and ask more questions if you want ;-)
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  5. I didn't expect so much comments here thanks!

    Writing reviews are really hard I guess. Explaining something while talking is easier ^^

    I want to make clear that most feedback is absolutely biased, just ask more questions if you disagree or don't understand me. Specific questions are easier ;)

    I also want to state i'm no Youtube guru and have to learn a lot myself ;)
  6. Thanks for the tips!
    And I know I need to talk more in the video and make them a bit shorter.
    I will work on it!
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  7. Hey,

    Can you give me some feedback on this video?

  8. Video is good and fits your lyrics!
    Here are just some tips that maybe can apply.
    - Adding black bars gives it a more "videoclip" look (but not necessarily)
    - Try to do some basic colour gradding
    - Keep your camera as steady as possible while filming handheld.

    These are minor tips.

    Your audio in your video is ok but maybe try to edit it afterwards to give it a fuller and cleaner sound.

    As for the "parody" the video is more sad. It doesn't feel like a parody ;)
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  9. Thanks for the feedback!
    I'll use your advise for parody's in the future.

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  11. Design is good
    Thumbnails are good.
    Trailer to old.
    Channel layout is meeh, make playlists.
    Update your about with more info.
    Add social media links in header.

    I'll stop reviewing gaming videos as I find it hard to do. Just look at some at the comments about gamers I said before
  12. Nice Channel!

    Make sure you keep uploading regularly and also make sure you put relevant tags in the descriptions of your videos, those two things will draw people in.

    What do you think to our latest video?

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