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Giving feedback

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by Anseric, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. Hello Guys

    I love to give some constructive feedback to others. First of all, i'm no pro and feedback may also be opninion.
    I'm a student who also has a video course where I learn to make shorter videos, like ads and so on. I also learned some designing.
    I'm also a Youtubers but all my content is in Dutch so I don't expect you to watch it, if you are dutch I would appreciate it if you took a look.

    Drop a video or your entire channel and ask where you want specific feedback.
    - Design of your banner, thumbs,...
    - Overall layout of your channel
    - Specific video
    - ...

    Ask freely, I'll try my best to give you some helpfull feedback. My videos aren't great either so don't worry ;)
  2. https://www.youtube.com/batslyfe
    I think it would be cool if you can give me feedback on the current status on my channel, and ways you think I can possibly improve :)
  3. First impression:
    Cool banner, thumbnails look great, propic is ok.
    At first I didn't fully understand what your channel was about. Maybe try to describe it in your banner with one line?
    Try to make more playlist with different genres. If I find a music channel playlist help me find a way trough all the videos :D

    Videos are great for a music channel. (that seems to be the way to go). Descriptions are good.
    Try to explain more what your channel is on the about tab.

    Overall I think you channel is headed in the right direction!
  4. Hi Anseric,

    Can you give some feedback on our channel. Mike's Game World
    how is the overall impression and what can we do to improve the channel.

    Thanks in advance!
  5. Mike's Game World

    Banner looks good and so does your profile pic. Your channel trailer is not that interesting. It(s quite long and boring. Try to input shorter energetic clips.
    Your playlist are well done and it's good you give and upload schedule in your about tab.

    I must admit i'm not really a fan of long gameplays so it's hard for me to review them. I gave them a quick look and noticed you didn't really talk. It's a shame you have a nice facecam but you don't say anything. This makes it very boring I guess.

    Looking at your thumbs, I would try to design them in the same style. That way people will recognize your videos more ;)
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  6. Protected22

    Your titles are done well, clean and simple. But I think that exciting and "cool" titles work better. "A normal noght" doesn't really trigger me to watch te video.

    Thumbnails are great in my opinion, you've got one style wich people will start to notice if you'll gain more subs!

    I'm no SEO expert whatsoever so I can't really say anything about the tags. They look good to me :p
  7. Anseric, what is the name of your Dutch channel? Would love to take a look.

    Also, could you give us some feedback on our banner and our logo? We heard very mixed opinions about them; some think they are great and some think we should probably change them. Would love to know what you think ^-^

  8. okay thnxx. so i only have to improve the A Normal Night titles?
  9. Yo! I checked out your channel (i'm dutch too :) ) and i must say, it's pretty cool! i love your banner, and your video's are also pretty funny ( i liked your ''as seen on tv knife'' video! I was wondering if you could check out my channel and give me some feedback? my channel link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDfIFCCotXv3rGDFQIi3abg . If it's negative feedback, be sure to let me know! i can always improve!
    Thanks in advance!
  10. Nice that there are also so much dutch channels! maybe we can support each other by maybe subscribing to each other and another things ;)
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  11. Mooks_&_Niles

    My channel name is simply "Anseric" ;)


    I think it looks good but nothing "wow". It's something many people have done so it's not that original anymore. I would and some background or some small illustrations and scale your faces down.


    Nothing fancy but it works.

    I understand the mixed comments because both logo and banner are good but nothing you would remember. I hope it's clear what I mean.
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  12. Georgina_Brights

    Overall look is good.
    Maybe try to make your profile pic look more like your banner.
    Your playlists and about tab are good.
    Thumbnails look good but maybe try to smile more? :p

    As for your videos, beauty channels aren't really my think but maybe try to add some chill background music. That makes it easier to watch ;-)
  13. Thank you Anseric! We'll go do some brainstorming on how to improve the channel art ^-^

    (I'll check your channel out tommorow, good night)
  14. MaxSMG

    I like the consistency of your artwork using the explosion. In my opinion your font in your banner is just ugly. I would try something different ;)

    Your latest thumbnails aren't the prettiest but they work!

    Your video editing is quite good, you use music, talk a lot and add some jokes.

    I would update your playlist and your about tab.

    Otherwise keep up the good work.
  15. Email

    Although your banner and propic look good they tell me nothing. You don't have playlist and your about page is "hehe"

    Watching your uploads I see you game. But it's not clear. Your thumbnails are messy and there is no consistency. Your titles also are not clear to me.

    It might be me but your channel look is messy.

    Your videos are quite boring for me. There is not talking and just some gameplay with music.

    I think I just don't understand your channel to well so sorry for that.

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