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Gaming With Izzi

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by Gaming_With_Izzi, May 16, 2017.

  1. Hey Everyone,
    Joined ScaleLab about a week ago and hadn't taken the time to peruse the forum until now - looks like a lot of great channels out there :)
    Just a quick introduction - I started the channel almost a year and a half ago not really sure what to expect, but i knew what content I wanted to create. I was creating lots of silly gaming videos with my friends and streaming occasionally.
    As it stands now, I stream more than I make videos, but I still put up some videos from time to time :) Right now I stream on YTG about five days a week and work with other streamers on their channels in between.
    The support from my growing community has been amazing so far and has allowed me to work one day less a week to keep gaming and streaming and such :)
    Here are some links to some things if you feel like stopping by and taking a look! :)


    Recent Stream:

    Recent Video:

    Hope you enjoy and any feedback is appreciated! :D

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  2. Hi Izzi just wanted to be the first to reply we just join ScaleLab as well and look forward to networking with other dedicated youtubers no matter what genre or channel type:)
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