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[Gaming] Exchange feedback. comment down below and i will check out your channel

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by RainOFrags, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Comment here. I will give feedback and possible a sub :D
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  2. You got yourself a sub!! Alright mate if you r already doing face cam videos, its does not look good with that techno intro. Make a nice short one like muselk, or vikkstar123..they dont need flashy intros coz they use face cam. Using your face makes the video more likeable personally. Everything else in channel is good..Maybe tweak description to be more professional..

    Your turn for feedback :D
  3. Thanks for the tips :) Can you send me on the link to your channel so I can check it out?
  4. First off, nice channel art mate. Loved it! I also loved the state of gaming today series..not much bout the reviews..make it short around 10 mins is good..things i didnt like was the thumbnail...That overwatch themed thumbnail was disgusting and I had to click on the video to review it otherwise i would never have done that. Change thumbnails to something much simpler..The content was superb..just change video thumbnail to attract people and add some soothing music if the video is over 6 or 8 mins

    Your turn for feedback :D

  5. sweet thanks so much. most people I ask like the thumbnails but hey everyone has a different view on things and ill have a look into it. Was the overwatch thumbnail you talked about the review or something else? Ill get to looking at your channel soon
  6. Yeah for the reviews
  7. right thanks! Now to talk about your channel.

    In my opinion, I just didn't like your intro probably I have seen so many people have the same simar style and my music taste just can't stand the music you have over it but that is a small thing and if you like it that's what matters! I found it hard to hear you in some places in your newest video due to the sound of the gameplay in the background being too high. I see you like to make very short videos unlike me lol for your guides I feel like you can talk about one thing you can do with the character and then have a break from talking and show just pure gameplay showing that. It would increase the length of your video but if you pick small but relevant clips it would work well.

    I find it funny how you don't like my thumbnails and I don't really like your thumbnails either lol the ones that just don't work the most for me are the ones with blue text with a red glow. red and blue just don't work that well together especially when you are trying to get people's attention maybe have white text and then having a blue or red glow to help the text stand out from the background. but hey that's what I think

    also If you are creating really short videos you should be uploading roughly once every week or two weeks if you can but I understand If you can't

    video quality is good and audio is good just need to work on the levels

    well that's my opinion on the current state of your channel and thanks for the feedback on mine
  8. thx for da review man...many people have been telling me to change the thumbnails and intro but i never gave it much thought. Music really hard to find but I like troll music xD..Thx for the thumb design tip, I am not creative with thumbnails...Thx for all the advice man :D
  9. Hey man I am a gaming channel currently doing Call of Duty. I am going to be branching out to odd vlog and unboxing videos. Any feedback be highly appreciated!!

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  10. First off you have a HUGE channel..congrats man!
    Pls remember these are my opinions and i do not mean to hurt anyone..I will just bluntly tell you about the negative aspects of your channel.

    1. Annoying Like and Snapchat notification.
    I know that most youtube channels like to promote as much as they can, but that notification in between the video (your latest -rush returns from mw2...) was very irritating and LOUD. At first I didnt mind much about the like notification, then that snapchat notification came up. The notification sound was really harsh, if you could make that into a softer sound and reduce the size of notification it would be awesome

    2. Cringy intro
    You dont even have a proper intro.. I understand that most youtubers dont like to use one. Why would u start your intro with advertisements and a ****ty song. Urgh mate... I hate seeing stupid advertisements like this. I dont know how many of your subscribers are unfazed by that but I do know that gamers like to see action first, talks later figuratively speaking. It would be great if you placed the advertisements in the end or between the video when you are changing scenes or finishing a major part of the video.

    3. Commentary
    Your commentary is amazing, you have a very crisp and smooth voice that I liked to listen to. However there is a bit of echo in the audio. Maybe have a look into it?

    Thats all..
    Can i get a shoutout from you? :D
    Your turn
  11. I would very much appreiciate, some feedback on my channel. So that way I know what i can fix :)

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