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Gamer looking to collab!

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by Akale Malia., Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Hey there! So I film reaction videos for the most part, but I would love to expand my circle and collab withe some fellow gaming channels. Im up for filming any type of gaming collab but mainly Im looking to form a genuine friendship on youtube that can hopefully help both our channels!

    Please get in contact with me if you're interested

    Heres my channel! AKALEMALIA
  2. Hey, This seems like a good idea, I have been looking to expand our channel and offer more check out our channel and see what you think [youtube]www.youtube.com/teamefzuk[/youtube]
  3. Hey guys, I'd be willing to collaborate with you both as well. Fell out of YouTube for a while but I'm just starting back up again. Message me and let me know. Check my channel if you're interested.

  4. Hey!

    Yeah sounds good to me guys, I've subbed to both of your channels. Look forward to collabing!

  5. Awesome, just message me on YouTube or Google + on what you had in mind. I subbed you back by the way.
  6. If possible I would like to collab! If I missed my chance, I sincerely apologize for being late!
  7. Hello! I am the manager of the channel Asis8000Gaming. We currently have 125 subs and 40,000+ view, and would like to do a collaboration with you. My channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/Asis8000Gaming. Thank you for your time.
  8. Hi! The name's Evil_Muska from GameSchwa, and I'm definately up for collaborating. I've been looking to get more active with my channel, and this seems like a good opportunity to jump back into making vids again after a 3-4 week hiatus (well, more than that, really).

    You can check out the channel here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowznJzaCNG3kXL-79hF9Gw

    Let me know if you want to collab!
  9. Also, just checked out the Five Nights and Freddies vid, hilarious! Subbed.
  10. Everyone on this thread just feel free to message me about collaborating.
  11. Hey guys thanks for the great response! Im just finishing my last week if university so I will be keen on collabing in the next few weeks, I've subbed you all and love all your content.. Super keen to get this started!
  12. What games would you be interested in playing? get back with me i would gladly look for a collab partner 
  13. Heyya!

    I'm down for whatever! Just let me know what types of games you're interested in collaborating on! Subbed your channel!
  14. Thanks guys and I've subbed you back David! I'm not at all fussed as to what games to play at the moment so I'm fine to follow any suggestions and such :)

  15. Hello!

    Both of my YouTube channels are considered gaming channels. The one is a machinima channel that focuses on creating cinematic features with video games and on the other I just started a let's play series. Both will be posted below so if you're interested, contact me!

    Machinima: http://www.youtube.com/JackSpicer2311
    Let's Plays: http://www.youtube.com/MDewTyler
  16. Hi I saw your request and thought that I'd respond with an accept. Iff you would be interested i would like to do a collab with you, I play any multitude of games so am open to anything. Additionally I think that the idea of forming a genuine friendship for youtube instead of just acting it for the video is a great idea and would be up for forming a friendship that could help out both of our channels.

    Feel free to reply if you like
  17. Hope it's not too late to reply to this, but I would be up for a collaboration as well :) So far I have GMod, Minecraft and Dungeon Defenders, but I'd be willing to pick up another game or two if it meant I could collab with one of you guys! :D
  18. i wouldnt mind collaborating i have the same games you do. if you have steam i have other games.
    but that is if you want to. go ahead and check out my channel though : https://www.youtube.com/user/LenaLain54652

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