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Game YouTuber about to hit 500 Subs. Feedback anyone? will help in return :)

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by JoeMamaGames-, Mar 27, 2017.


Quality of channel??


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  2. I'd Subscribe.

  3. Needs work

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  4. absolute ****, sorry not sorry

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  1. What can I work on y'all? What would REALLY make my channel pop more? Thanks for all of your help :). My channel is JoeMamaGames, feel free to search on YouTube.
  2. You're channel is really good!! I subscribed:D
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  3. Thanks man! :)
  4. Not really into mine craft bro but its looking good i suggest adding some beginning music or something while you talk. That way it sounds a bit more attention grasping.
  5. Hey man, thanks for the tip! I will ASAP ;)

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