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Channel FPS + Other Games Channel - Funny & Rage Moments

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by CashForCode-Fortnite&More, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone

    My online alias is Cash4Code (You can call my cash or cash4code if you wish)

    I recently started my YouTube channel after watching so many other YouTubers for a good solid 4+ years.

    ---Channel Content---

    The Majority of my channel is mainly FPS (First Person Shooters) but on occasion I will switch the game genre/type if I end up recording it or if people request it.

    I normally upload clips of my fortnite sessions, some funny, some rage inducing or some random moments.

    I would love to make other people happy and give back to the YouTube community and I hope someday that YouTube can become a full-time hobby & career for me.

    ---Upload Schedule---

    I don't have an upload schedule as of now, but in the near future I will have one. I try and upload once every week or so, but it could take longer due to issues I may deal with or just simply not having enough time.

    ---Basic Information About Myself---
    I am:
    *17 Years Old
    *A PC Player
    *Former Twitch Streamer

    I usually record by myself but sometimes I may record with a friend or another fellow YouTuber who plays the same and/or similar games that I play.

    I love to meet new people and I am a bit socially awkward but I am working on improving myself so that my social awkwardness doesn't get in my way or stop what I am doing.

    ---YouTube Channel---

    My YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/cash4codeYT (Shortened for people who don't like to see the long link)


    You can search 'Cash4Code' in the YouTube Search Field should you have any distrust in the Link/URL Provided.


    If you would like to network up or record with me I would gladly play and record with you. I do love meeting new people and having a fun time.

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